I am a Writer & Integral Coach™. I work with womxn hungry to speak their truth. I am a queer feminist nomad obsessed with paying off her debt.

After a seven-year fine art degree ended in burnout, a major operation, an anticlimactic thesis presentation, a business downsize and a breakup, I bought a one-way ticket to the other side of the world in an attempt process everything that had just happened.

So began a three-year pilgrimage that would bring me both closer to myself as well as to doing the work I now feel called to do.

I spent a month in Bali surfing. Three months walking from the top of New Zealand’s North Island to the bottom on the Te Araroa Trail. Another three months living at the Lost Gypsy Gallery in New Zealand’s South Island with an eclectic group of artists, travelers and musicians.

Then I moved to Brisbane, Australia for eight months where I worked as a stripper, a marketer at a CrossFit box, a yoga teacher and a Thai yoga massage practitioner. I lived up the Sunshine Coast for three months where I apprenticed as a beekeeper and an organic farmer. I then relocated to Melbourne for a year and worked as an alterations girl at Dujour Jeans, taught yoga, became a hemmer at Lululemon, made costumes and props for the comedy duo Sammy J & Randy, worked as stewardess on a private boat and a deckhand during a boat delivery across the Tasman Sea from Australia to New Zealand.

After that, I traveled to Thailand for three months where I became a PADI Divemaster and studied Thai cuisine at May Kaidee’s cooking school in Bangkok.

I was on my way to the Caribbean—via Vancouver—to go find employment on superyachts when I decided that I would rather work with humans seeking a way to become more articulate and amplified in speaking their truth. So I began to explore coaching as a possible way to tie my colourful and seemingly disjointed skills and experiences together. A few months later I began the Associate Coaching Module at Integral Coaching Canada.

Having enjoyed so many different experiences in my three years abroad, I started to crave simplicity in my daily life. So, a few months into my coaching studies I gave up teaching yoga and transitioned into working full-time online as a freelance marketer and copywriter for humans in the personal development industry.

When winter, the expense of West Coast living and a bed bug infestation gave me reason to reconsider my choice to return home, I decided to move to Nosara, Costa Rica between the completion of Integral Coaching Canada's Professional Coaching Module and the start of their Master Coaching Module in May 2018. After only a few weeks I resolved to move here permanently. 

So here I am living and working in the jungle-ocean of Costa Rica. I have my computer, a surfboard and a daily practice of being completely honest with you about my personal process as I work to bring my coaching and writing into the world. I want you to have full access to the practices and pain points that have allowed me to speak my truth, amplify my message and grow my tribe.

In the four years since I set out to recreate myself, I have absolutely connected with a more powerful voice and have woken up to the power and potential that comes with staying in the process of becoming more fully oneself.

Now, it's your turn.

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