Hi, I’m Rae.


I am a writer because coaching is so much more than knowing you can transform people’s lives.

It's being able to speak clearly about your offer, disrupt the expectations of your industry, and market yourself in a deeply human way. I also get that not everyone wants to spend all day everyday wrestling with words.

I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to use my writing expertise to help you have the impact that you’re longing to have through your work as a coach.

Yes, please!

I am a coach because writing is so much more than just knowing the right words to put down on the page.

It’s being able to co-create clear agreements with your clients, structure your time, and build stability with your finances. I know what it takes to make writing an interesting, sustainable, and financially viable vocation

I am touched that I have the opportunity to use my coaching expertise to help you do the work that you’re longing to do as a writer in a way that allows you to thrive.

Another yes, please!

When I'm not writing or coaching, I'm out in the world collecting stories.

I'm a slow traveler, digital nomad, and enjoy my own company most of the time. I read obsessively and am always trying to learn new and interesting things.

So far this includes puppetry, sewing, surfing, thru-hiking, stripping, beekeeping, sailing, scuba diving, cooking, investing, and learning to drive a motorcycle.

My next educational endeavours are Seth Godin’s altMBA and learning how to fly a plane.

I am queer, a Capricorn, and a morning person.

I go to great lengths to have at least one bath a day, write poetry when my emotions overflow, and dream of adopting a dog whom I can call Rocket.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University and am a certified Integral Master Coach™.

When I finish writing my first book, you’ll be the first to know. But only if you take a moment to say hello.