So, you want to write a blog.


Maybe this is a new thing for you or maybe it’s something you keep coming back to. You have thoughts to share and writing is your medium of choice. A blog feels like the right format to explore your ideas and connect to the people who matter to you.

As a writer, you have the ability to change lives through the stories you tell. Words help you make sense of yourself and you are longing to show up in a way that’s remarkable, generous, and real.

Chances are though, as one person, you spend a lot of time doing other stuff that prevents you from being able to consistently write and publish your thoughts.

The day jobs and the hustling and the important commitments that keep you afloat.

On top of writing in other ways. On top of living your life.

Still, you’re doing the best that you can with what you have to get your message out to your people in a way that makes them feel the value in what you have to share.

You know in your bones that if you got the words just right—and kept your blog fresh and up-to-date—you’d get to spend more time doing what you love.

Writing is your place of genius. Or at the very least, it’s an essential part of your creative and professional practice. It’s where you’ll have the most impact. And your blog is the way you want to connect to and nurture your community.

You don’t want someone to write your blog for you and you’d still like some support to help develop it.

So, you need a blog coach.

Someone who can meet you where you’re at; who can help you uncover your genuine and clear voice, and who can give you the tools you need to craft content that captures your people’s attention.

Another human who can support the development of your blog so you can spend more time doing the work that you love doing.

Hi, I’m Rae and I am the blog coach you’re looking for.

When you work with me, you’ll receive both high-quality writing feedback as well as coaching around how to align your message and voice to engage the people you want to serve.

Here are some of the benefits of working with me as your blog coach. Together we’ll find the right words to...

  • Freshen up your messaging so that it’s in alignment with where you are now.

  • Consistently show up and share so you can build community and spread your ideas.

  • Get clear on who it is you want to serve so you can do it in a way that’s clear and empowering.

  • Reach the people you want to work with through specific and meaningful promises so you can connect to new clients.

  • Communicate your value so you can increase your rates to match your worth.

  • Experiment with your messaging so you can see what your people are interested in before overhauling the rest of your online presence.

  • Transition from one online voice to another as your work evolves so you can keep expanding your audience and ability to have an impact.

What would be possible if you got support with your writing and could consistently show up and share what’s important to you?

What would it feel like to know that people are reading your work and that your ideas are getting through to them?

What would that allow for in your writing practice? What about your life?

As a coach, I only work with writers.

You are my favourite kind of humans to work with. I love that you want your ideas to come straight from the source. I’m also thrilled that I get to be a part of getting your work into the hands and hearts of humans who will be deeply transformed by what you have to offer them.

I am also a certified Integral Master Coach™.

When you work with me, you have access to both my writing skills and guidance as a practicing master coach. So in addition to developing your writing, we’ll also be developing how you show up as a writer.

This simple and profound offer includes:

  1. A custom-designed blog coaching program that takes into account who you are as a whole human, where you want your blog to take you, and offers you a way forward so you can become the writer you’re longing to be.

  2. A comprehensive assessment of your current way of being as a writer so you can clearly see its strengths and how it’s holding you back.

  3. Developmental objectives that will outline the specific ways we’ll be developing your blog—and yourself—so we can measure your progress as you move toward a new way of showing up online.

  4. Bi-weekly writing practices and prompts specifically designed to help you access your full creative voice and presence.

  5. Two 60-90 minute one-on-one blog coaching sessions per month where we will explore where you’re at, any edges you’re coming up against, tiny victories that you’re celebrating, and ways we can fine tune your blog writing.

  6. Ongoing support and check-ins between sessions to keep you accountable and in the process of developing a blog that you’re proud of and that gets you deeply human engagement.

Working with an experienced writer and coach is the perfect way to bring clarity to your blog and reach the people who are important to you. Having someone else to bounce ideas off of and who can take your message and make it stand out is going to allow your writing practice to flourish in ways you never imagined possible.

Think about it.

Feel into it.

Ask around.

Make a list.

And if this feels like something you’d like to take one step closer to, please please get in touch.

We’ll start with hello.

I promise I’m here to help you find clarity. I only want to work with you if you want to work with me. I only coach writers and that’s not going to change. All that will change is my availability. Maybe my prices.