100 blog posts.

100 blog posts.

Today marks the 100th post since I started writing a daily blog at the end of last year.

When I set out to write a post a day, I was looking for a way to ground myself after completing a two-year master coach certification. I didn’t have any specific objectives other than wanting to explore what I would be focusing on next.

The first 100 blog posts have been both challenging and informative. I am looking forward to what the next 100 reveal.

Here are some of the things this daily writing practice has allowed me to realize up until now:

  1. Real life communities are really important.

  2. One of the healthiest things we can do is create our own success metrics.

  3. Celebrating tiny victories is essential to staying committed to your long-term vision.

  4. So is scheduling in self-care.

  5. Boundaries can be generous.

  6. The most important thing we can offer people is the opportunity to connect.

  7. Change can be slow and that’s okay.

  8. Sometimes the healthiest option is to quit.

  9. There are few things more nourishing than having a place to gather.

  10. Healing is a collective act.

I also figured out who I want to coach, that I need to start a podcast, and what I’m most afraid of when it comes to money.

While I might have realized these things on my own without writing a daily blog, collecting all my learnings in one place has allowed me to make connections that I may not have made otherwise.

More importantly than that, the first 100 blog posts have allowed me to get into conversation with other people. We’ve talked about money, writing, art, community, and how to stay aligned to the work we feel called to do.

And despite feeling a bit financially fucked at the moment, I am also proud of my ability to show up day in and day out to write this blog. It feels like essential work even though I’ve really just begun.

So here’s to these first 100 posts and the ideas and practices they’ve allowed me to explore in greater depth.

What about you? What ideas would you like to explore in greater depth?

Aligned relationships.

Aligned relationships.

Money fear.

Money fear.