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200 blog posts.

200 blog posts.

Today marks the 200th post since I started writing a daily blog in late 2018. When I began this project, I didn’t have any specific goals. And I still don’t. Instead, I’ve come to see my daily blog as a way to measure the passing of time and capture shifts in my creative, financial, and personal landscape. On days when I wonder what I have to show for myself professionally, interpersonally, and even spiritually, it’s my daily blog that I look to for affirmation.

Seth Godin says that, “After people get to posting #200 or beyond, they uniformly report that they’re glad they did it.” While I am generally happy whenever I have the opportunity to write about the things that matter to me, I agree that there’s something pivotal about post 200. To honour that, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite learnings from the past 100 days. For the 100 days before that, you can read my 100th blog post list.

Here are some of the things this daily blog writing practice has allowed me to realize and articulate:

  1. Going back to square one can be an opportunity to get clear and aligned with what really matters.

  2. Finding balance in flux is requires the support of micro-changes.

  3. When it’s time for a change, sometimes that change is as simple and profound as adjusting your sleep schedule.

  4. Your money is a spiritual thing.

  5. Financial wellbeing matters.

  6. There’s magic in being introduced to your creative soul twin and writing partner-in-crime.

  7. Focusing on what makes a good day can bring clarity to how you spend your time.

  8. It’s important to understand the difference between wealth and wellbeing.

  9. We can make art, even when the world is falling apart around us.

  10. We get to include our bodies in our creative work.

  11. The point of all of this living is not to get it right.

  12. Holding complexity in a both and way is a constant and necessary practice.

  13. Sometimes being the fool is the best thing to be.

  14. A rich life isn’t something that money can buy.

  15. The clearer we are on our financial priorities, the more able we are to invest in them accordingly.  

I also revisited one of my favourite topics—death—as a way to ground myself in how I need to be spending the limited time I have on this earth. All in all, these past 100 days have been challenging, fulfilling, and revealing. They’ve demanded I make some tough decisions and that I claim who I am and the kind of work I want to be doing as a writer and coach. Most importantly, they have brought me closer to the folx I want to serve. Day by day, post by post, I’ll keep showing up. Here’s to the next 100.

Tell me, what’s something you can chip away at on a daily basis?

Space to feel.

Space to feel.

Take the donut.

Take the donut.