Exploring your inner truth.

Exploring your inner truth.

Supplementary practice to the blog post On where to begin when you're hungry to speak your truth.


Exploring your inner truth.


Before you can speak and live your truth, you need to know your truth. Which means you need to spend some time thinking about what your truth is. Not as an afterthought. Not as something ambiguous or indirect. As the skeleton that makes up the architecture of your life. Until you can tap into your truth within yourself, you’re never going to be able to articulate it to others. Without those words and a deep understanding of your inner world, you’ll continue to struggle to become the human you’re longing to be. And, just so we’re clear, this isn’t about sorting out your life in one sitting nor is it a way to come up with a new “to do” list. This practice is designed to tune you into your inner guiding light so that you can illuminate your path and live an intentional and abundant life.

So, the purpose of this exercise is to ground yourself in what you know to be true within yourself. The idea here is that we are developing the “muscle” you need to be able to become more aware of who you are and what it is you’re deeply longing for. This practice is also designed to illuminate your current way of being and the ways that it is supporting and hindering you in your life.

Whereas your current way of being sees truth as being something that exists “out there,” your new way of being is able to locate truth within herself. She gets that she already has all the answers she needs in order to speak and live her truth—the practice is simply to uncover that inner knowing within her inner world.

Note: You current way of being is how you are now. By looking at her as something separate from yourself, you’ll be more able to see them objectively in the moment. This will allow you to interrupt them so you can move toward a more articulate and intentional new way of being.


Daily Practice

Once a day, preferably first thing in the morning, take 2 minutes to check in with yourself and what you know to be true. To do this exercise, you will need either a small notebook to jot things down or a voice memo app.

  1. Start with your breath. Take a few deep inhales and long exhales. Drop your awareness into your body. Feel its weight and substance. Notice if you’re holding tension anywhere and try to soften those parts of your body.

  2. From this place of physical presence, turn your awareness to your thoughts. Ask yourself, “In this moment, what do I know to be true about myself?” You can ground your observations in relation to a particular query you’ve been chewing on if that helps. Something such as, “What is the work I’m meant to be doing in my career?” or “How am I meant to have an impact through my passion projects?” or “What sort of lifestyle will support my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs?”

  3. Note that while the spark for your search for truth might begin “out there,” the exploration you do is very much centred on the subtle cues and clear language that emerges when you tune into your inner wisdom.

  4. Either jot your observations down or record them in your voice memo app. Make note of 5 truths. You might begin with what’s obvious: “I’m feeling anxious about my financial situation” or “I’m feeling tired and like I’m unable to give my body the time to rest and love that it’s asking for.”

  5. Then, start to dig a bit deeper. Ask yourself, “What’s else? What’s beneath those initial truths?” See what comes up and try to be as objective as possible. Allow whatever comes up to come up; positive, negative, neutral—you’re exploring truth and honesty with yourself.

  6. Again, jot your observations down or record them in your voice memo app. Make note of 5 more truths. If it helps, do this rapid-fire so you don’t have a lot of time to mull things over.

  7. You can keep asking yourself, “What else?” until you get the root of one of your truths. Trust me, you’ll know you’ve found it when you get there.

  8. When you’re done, pick just one truth to carry with you as a grounding force as you move through the rest of your day. When you find yourself trying to make a decision or understand what’s going on for you in the moment, remind yourself of this truth and see what it illuminates for you.

Daily Reflection Questions

After this exercise: Please take an additional 5-10 minutes at the end of your day to reflect on the experience of exploring what you know to be true within yourself. Look over your notes and/or listen to your voice memo from that day:

  1. What did you learn today about what parts of her identity your current way of being focuses on in her search for truth?

  2. How does your current way of being react to seeing her truths more clearly?

  3. Where did you check in your body to feel more grounded within yourself as you searched for your truth?

Weekly Reflection Questions

At the end of each week: Please take 20-30 minutes to reflect on the experience of unpacking your mind and heart clutter so that you can become more articulate and clear about what you need 2k18 to be for you:

  1. What did you learn about what your current way of being thinks they need in order to be able to do this practice of decluttering their internal world?

  2. What patterns did you notice in how your current way of being pushed back against doing this exercise?

  3. How did your body support you in—or keep you from—checking in with yourself in this way?

Final Note

Part of interrupting your current way of being so you can move towards your new way of being means being able to see your current way of being in the moment. When your current way moves from being subjective to being objective—”Oh, there I am!”—then you can shift in the moment towards your new way of being. So, while the “doing” of practices is important, it’s just as important to be aware of your way of doing the practice. Ultimately, your current way of being will push back against change so, even if you have a comprehensive list of what you need to do, that’s not going to help if your current way keeps tripping you up. When you work with me in the Integral Coaching™ container, I will design unique metaphors for you that will make seeing your current way of being and new way of being a much easier. The practices I design for you as a coach will also be tailored to your specific ways of being. This will allow for faster change to take place.






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