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On making 2k18 the year you need it to be.

On making 2k18 the year you need it to be.

Let’s talk about how to make 2k18 the year you need it to be. Whether you’re longing to become more articulate so you can speak your truth or you’re hungry to amplify your voice so you can intentionally grow your tribe, now is the time to make that shit happen. This is the case if you’re an avid resolution-setter and even if you actively judge people who are. Love it or hate it, there’s something to be said for using the New Year as a reset. Or a go-get. Or whatever else you need it to be. You’d be foolish not to tap into the momentum of this collective witnessing of change for support in your growth process. And this has nothing to do with the superficial societal ideals that this time of year inspires in a distressing amount of people and has everything to do with you leveling up your potential in the next 12 months.

If you haven’t noticed, our world is a fucking mess right now. So as sweet as it would be for you to sit back and be content with your lot in life, we kinda need you out in the front fighting the good fight. Which might feel overwhelming except for the fact that you get to have an impact by doing what you want. This isn’t about taking up a cause that you’re not invested in or even compromising the lifestyle that allows you to feel comfortable, nourished and at home. And it is certainly not about you being distracted by the all-too-common goals that would have you believe that changing your body and finances and friend groups is the gateway to happiness and fulfillment.

Fuck no.

2k18 is about getting clear on what matters the most to you and what is just noise. It’s about you choosing what comes next and about making space in your life to allow what’s meant to be to flourish. It’s about you, love. One hundred and eight percent, it’s about you becoming the human you are longing to be and connecting to a tribe of people who are ready to meet you where you’re at. It is also about you exploring your process. The challenge here is that it might take you the entire year to figure your process out. The good news is, you have time. You. Have. Time. Remind yourself of this fact when overwhelm rushes in to try and convince you that because you didn’t sort yourself out yesterday, you should just accept that this is the best you’re going to get.

I don’t believe this for a minute and neither should you.

All that’s left to do, then, is for you to begin. Which is the hardest part and—in my experience—the reason so many people never get around to doing what’s deeply meaningful to them. You know this to be true if you’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with the elderly and/or dying. That being said, I also see how so many humans just don’t know where to start. So it’s understandable that they put off digging around for their truth when no one has guided them through that process. We’re taught how to add and subtract, write persuasively and mix red and blue to make purple. We’re not always shown the way into our deeper selves to say nothing of what we’re supposed to do with the wisdom, confidence and conviction that we find there.

I am going to guide you through this process—both the seeking and the doing—in whatever ways that I can because it matters. You sorting your shit out so you don’t waste another year cycling back on the same hiccups and hangups matters. You waking up to the fact that you are a fucking force to be reckoned who is absolutely capable of healing your corner of the world matters. You bringing together your people and elevating them in turn matters. And you starting now—where you are in this moment—matters most of all.

When I quit my identity as a freelancer at the end of last year it was because my truth came slamming into me and I could no longer look away: life has graced me with the privilege of doing this work and I will never forgive myself for not trying to use it to rebel against the hate and fear and bullshit that we’re drowning in. I need to know what happens when I give my writing and my coaching and social media marketing consulting my undivided attention and love. Despite the weight of my financial debts and all the ways that doing what I’m doing right now feels “irresponsible” in the eyes of the society that birthed me, I have to try. If only so that I can know in my bones that this way is not meant for me. Although, I have a gut feeling that it absolutely is. And I’m not just saying that, I’m going to prove it to you.

So, let’s get granular with how you’re going to make 2k18 the year you need it to be. First, I want you to just let your mind—and heart—wander in the direction of what you’re hungry for in the next 12 months. This could be something specific or it could be something involving getting more clear on the specifics. As your mind wanders to these places, I want you to imagine what the things your longing for will allow for when they are present in your life. I also want you to notice any edges that make change feel out of reach, overwhelming or impossible. Over the day, you’re just tuning into what’s alive in your world. Then, in a few days, I’m going to drop a practice that will take you a bit deeper into this process of unpacking yourself. As much as I want to give you everything right now, I want you to have time to chew on the idea that things can be different for you in the coming year; that you can choose to embody a new way of being.

Because you absolutely can.

Okay? Okay.

Stay bright,







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