300 blog posts.

300 blog posts.

Today marks my 300th post since I started writing a daily blog. Whereas by posts 100 and 200 I was unsure of why I was doing this project, my objectives—and the benefits of this work—are now much clearer. My blog has become a personal wiki for my creative process. It has given me a container where I can organize my thoughts. The daily ritual of it means that I spend less time resisting and more time writing. The blog format forces me to finish and share each post, as imperfect as most of them are.

On a human level, writing a daily blog is teaching me moderation. It’s not the feast/famine approach to creating that is so often my default. There’s no doubt that writing a daily blog can be tedious and frustrating, especially on the days where I feel like I have nothing to share. It has also been a lifeline when I’m floundering within other creative projects. Most importantly, my daily blog has demanded that I show up. With no place to hide I have come face to face with many of the things that were stopping me from doing my best work.

In the past 100 days, here are some of the things that my daily writing process helped me see:

  1. Stories will bring about the change I’m seeking to make.

  2. It’s possible for my creative process to be easy.

  3. My work is coming full-circle after six years.

  4. Editing can be its own form of healing.

  5. I care less about being good than I do about being awake.

  6. What I’m doing is risky in the short-term but not in the long-term.

  7. I’m using my privilege more intentionally.

  8. Good enough really can be good enough. 

  9. Doing can also be a form of healing.

  10. I must persist in creating the change I seek to make.

  11. It’s possible to have civil conversations about difficult topics when I focus on getting to the bone of what’s being discussed. 

  12. Creative wellbeing needs to be a priority. 

  13. Sometimes making bad art leads to making better art.

  14. Good things happen when I focus on done over perfect.

  15. Taking care of myself is essential if I’m going to do my best work.

I have no doubt that this practice of writing a daily blog will be just as illuminating for you. Give yourself permission to set the bar low. I have one hour a day to write each post. You might start with one paragraph. Alternately, if you’re not into words, do a drawing a day, a chord a day, a dance move a day. The power in this daily practice of creating is cumulative. You’re not going to have a breakthrough all at once. Instead, you’ll have ongoing, little breakthroughs that will sustain you as you figure out how to do the work you feel called to do.

It’s important to note that I didn’t get here on my own. I have been supported by coaches, teachers, and other creatives. I have done everything possible to set myself up for success. And you can too. In addition to helping creatives get into a healthier relationship with money, I also help them build creative assets—like a daily blog—so they can leverage their creative skills/talents. You can find out more here. Otherwise, start writing and trust that by 300 posts, you’ll know why this practice matters.

So, what matters to you that you can start to chip away at today?

Your own map.

Your own map.

Be kind to you.

Be kind to you.