Affording change.

Affording change.

Yesterday, I fired my main writing client. Because I could afford to.

When a payment didn’t go through and communication became stilted, I wasted no time in coming up with a new plan. I was ready to quit marketing and only offer writing and coaching services moving forward.

I reworked my budget and knew that I could afford this change.

Which is not to say that I have a huge emergency fund saved up or that things won’t be financially tight while I figure out what’s next.

Simply that I could make things work with the money I have while I find new clients and move into greater alignment with the work I feel called to do.

By the time my main writing client came back into the picture, I was already set on moving in a new direction. Where previously I thought that my clients had all the power in these professional relationships—they were the ones with the money—I now know differently.

Affording change isn’t so much about having all the money you need to let go of work and clients that aren’t a good fit for you. It’s more about knowing what’s going on with your finances so that you can ride out the change.

My budget helped me to see that I could make it for about two months without going further into debt. I wouldn’t be paying down my debt but that would happen again in a few months time once I’d regained my footing.

I would be okay.

Knowing this means that I get to go after work that pays better and is more fun. Work that I thought I could only do after I’d paid off all my debt with the help of the stable marketing work that so often found its way to me

Of course, it’s still a risk. I could be without enough work in two months time. It’s happened before.

Still, at the very least, I will have made a two-degree shift towards the work I am meant to be doing. Which can feel frustratingly small and is also more desirable than no shift at all.

This feels like a tiny victory. One I’m celebrating for the first time in my life.

So, what do you need to be able to afford change?

Outsourcing success.

Outsourcing success.