Being with breath.

Being with breath.

I’m switching things up with the weekly practices I share. Starting this week, I will be posting foundation practices instead of focus practices that really need the support a full coaching program. Weekly foundation practices will help you back into your body so you can source the wisdom and support that’s available to you there. They are designed to be easy to action and accessible to all bodies.

What happens when you take a deep breath?

Practice: Being With Breath

For 5 minutes a day, I want you to connect to your ability to be with your breath and expand the container of coolness that exists at the core of your emotions, especially the hot ones. For this exercise, you will need somewhere comfortable to sit and a candle.

  • Set a timer for 5 minutes.

  • Light the candle and allow your gaze to softly rest on the flame.

  • Place your hands on your belly.

  • Take a deep inhale through your nose and visualize the coolness of your breath filling the space under your hands.

  • Exhale and visualize that cool space shrinking but not diminishing. With every exhale, let the container of coolness inside you take up just a little bit more space.

  • If your mind wanders, make a note of where you wandered and then guide your attention back to your breath and what feels real for you in the moment that you’re in.

  • When the timer goes off, take one more full inhale through your nose and a powerful exhale through your mouth, releasing that coolness back into the space around your body.

  • Blow out the candle and close your practice in whatever way feels meaningful to you.

Way In

Before starting this practice, take a deep belly breath and connect to your strong spine and soft belly and heart. Feel the weight of your body where it is touching the chair or the floor. Check in with any thoughts that might be pulling you out of your body. Acknowledge them and bring your attention back to emotions that are alive for you in the moment. Exhale and begin the practice.

I want a lot.

I want a lot.

In need of support.

In need of support.