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Blog coaching.

Blog coaching.

Right before I quit marketing, someone reached out to me and asked me to be their blog coach. We started working together almost immediately and it was only then that I realized how wrong the marketing work I was doing felt.

While we have the ability to outsource everything, I am noticing a growing trend of professionals who want to do their own writing. It feels more human and gives the people they want to serve a more direct connection to them.

Then there are the people like Seth Godin who has been writing his daily blog for years.

As someone who stumbled into working online as a ghostwriter for other coaches, this was not the ethos I was first introduced to. Whatever could be outsourced should be outsourced.

My clients wanted the most profit with the least amount of contact with their clients.

Looking back, this makes my stomach turn. I was a cog in this process but thought that I was doing transformative work. It didn’t seem like there were any other options. Either you pay someone to write for you or you do the writing yourself, perhaps with the help of an editor.

Then I was asked to be someone’s blog coach and I realized that there was a third way.

With blog coaching, my clients are still the ones showing up and writing. And while I offer structural and grammatical edits, my main focus is helping them uncover their voice and the unique way they want to show up through their words.

At the end of the day, it’s their work. The coaching I provide simple lets them sharpen their sword so they can cut through the noise of the coaches who have outsourced their writing.

The container I create with my clients also gives them the support they need to show up consistently and share.

While I am fending off the familiar money stress of choosing to go off the beaten track in order to pursue something that feels important but has no guarantee of success, my new work as a blog coach feels right.

This is the work our world needs. Real words from coaches who want to connect more with their clients, not less.

Coaches who get that writing is a way for them to get more clear on the promises they want to make; who get that writing will keep those same promises fresh and exciting for themselves and their clients on an ongoing basis.

Coaches who get that building relationships take time and that blogging is a way to build trust and be generous; who get that blogging is also a way to stretch themselves to write in ways that are edgy and inspiring.

After years working behind the scenes in the coaching industry, I think that this is the way forward for coaches who want to build a sustainable business.

(I recently joined a writer’s room and have done more creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry writing in the last month than I have in the past 10 years.)

So maybe instead of paying someone to do the work for you, you can seek out the support you need to show up consistently through your writing. Or through whatever work you feel called to do.

Whether through coaching or something else, what support would help you show up consistently?

More risks.

More risks.

Getting it right.

Getting it right.