Body reset.

Body reset.

Weekly foundation practices help you get back into your body so you can source the wisdom and support that’s available to you there. They are designed to be easy to action and accessible to all bodies.

What helps you to reset your body when you’re feeling tired?

Practice: Body Reset

For 5 minutes a day, I want you to connect to your ability to reset your body. For this practice you need a couple of cushions and/or a wall, something soft for under your head, and a timer.

  • Set your timer for 5 minutes or longer.

  • While lying on your back, elevate your feet/legs/hips above your heart.

  • You can use a couple of cushions to prop up your lower body or extend your legs up the wall with your hips as close to the wall as feels comfortable.

  • Place a small pillow or something else that’s flat and soft under your head.

  • Rest your arms wherever they’re comfortable; extended beside you, hands on your belly or arms overhead.

  • Once you’re comfortable, start to take more full inhales and longer exhales.

  • On each exhale, feel your body relax a little bit more into the surface beneath you. 

  • Stay here until your timer goes off then carry on with the rest of your day.

Way In

Before starting this practice, shake out your body for a minute. Then lie down and begin the practice.

Listen close to me.

Listen close to me.

Body data.

Body data.