Community support.

Community support.

Tomorrow, I start participating in an 8-week writing workshop through Room Project. It’s part space to write and part space to give and receive feedback on a current piece of writing.

One of the reasons I joined Room Project is because participation in the community is a point of membership.

Having grown tired of working in isolation so much of the time, I am excited to be a part of a group of people who are intentionally and enthusiastically looking to connect.

Additionally, I have come to appreciate the power of finding the right micro-community.

Like many creatives, I hold independence and autonomy in high regard. I experimented with collaboration in the years I spent in theatre and then later moved to shared studio spaces as a textile artist and puppet maker.

Community was an economical choice more than anything else; it was a way to share resources and space.

Now as a writer, I am seeking out ways for the groups I’m a part of to become more involved in my work. Because, as I have learned, community support allows for much more than it shuts down.

It was through community support that I was able to become more skillful at processing my anger.

It was through community support that I was able to create the financial stability I needed in order to have time and energy for my creative work.

It was through community support that I was able to get even more clear on the people I want to serve.

Outside of my professional life, I have found community support to help me with my fitness goals at the gym I belong to. I have also found support with processing somatic trauma through the wellness center I go to for craniosacral therapy.

Everywhere I look in my life, there are groups and individuals helping me to get to where I want to go. And I am doing the same for them.

Now, I am less stressed and more productive. The risks I’m taking professionally and creatively still feel edgy but I’m no longer concerned that I’ll be left alone to pick up the pieces when those necessary failures happen.

All this thanks to the community support I have access to.

And while finding and building relationships within the communities you need to do your best work can take time, it is an invaluable investment. Whether that means hiring a coach, joining a creative space, or creating your own thing from scratch, I make seeking out community support a priority.

It will change you.

It will change your work.

It will change your financial situation.

It will change the risks you’re able to take.

It will change everything.

So, what community support do you need?

Stay the course.

Stay the course.

The desert.

The desert.