Custom micro-change.

Custom micro-change.

Many of the conversations I’m having these days focus on the micro.

On setting micro-goals and celebrating micro-victories.

On serving micro-communities and allowing for micro-beginnings to unfold.

In every conversation, the coaches, writers, and creators I’m talking to are all exploring the same theme of letting specific micro changes give way to the macro changes that we’re all so hungry for.

The stories of big, overnight successes have lost their luster.

Not because we don’t want various scales of success. But because we’ve all spent enough time in our respective professions to understand that success doesn’t work like that.

Even those overnight successes spent years—if not decades—to finally get to that tipping point.

What’s more, any of us who have experienced growth spurts will tell you that fast change can sometimes do more harm than good.

I have been especially conscious of this through the work I’m doing in The Marketing Seminar. I have a running list of comments I need to reply to and none of the previous interpersonal overwhelm that would have made it difficult for me to keep up in the past.

The stretch is good. But stretch too much and things can snap.

The alternative is to focus on micro-stretches.

And not just any micro-stretches. The custom ones.

The ones that are specific to you and your unique way of being. The ones that allow you to action change at the same time that you become more aware of your beliefs, beahviours, and ways of checking.

Custom micro-everything.

The micro-practices that work for me might not work for you. Or at least what you’re paying attention to while you do the practice may need to be different than what I’m paying attention to.

In this way, you can experience the macro change that you’re seeking without having to completely disrupt life as you know it now.

You can experience the macro change that you’re seeking because of the small, specific-to-you micro-changes that you’re focusing on.

So, when it comes to the change you’re seeking to create, how small and specific can you get?

Writing scholarship.

Writing scholarship.

Impact and empathy.

Impact and empathy.