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Dance it in.

Dance it in.

Weekly foundation practices help you get back into your body so you can source the wisdom and support that’s available to you there. They are designed to be easy to action and accessible to all bodies.

How can you use dance to get into your space of genius?

Practice: Dance it in.

For 3-5 minutes a day, I want you to use movement as a way to reset your body and mind before reengaging with the work you need to be doing.

  • Pick a song that you enjoy moving your body to.

  • Press play and start dancing.

  • Move your body in all the ways that feel good.

  • Sing along if that feels right for you.

  • Dance until the song is over.

  • Sit or stand for a few breaths afterwards and allow the clarity that comes with dancing to settle into your body.

  • Then get back to whatever it is you were working on.

Way In

Before starting this practice, take off your shoes and find a space where you can move freely. Take a deep inhale, a long exhale, and begin.

Thought balloons.

Thought balloons.

The grind.

The grind.