From the source.

From the source.

Not only did I quit marketing last week, I also decided to give up writing for other people altogether. No more websites or blogs or educational material.

After years ghostwriting for other coaches, I was done with supporting the creation of content that’s not from the source.

On a moral level, there was too much of a disconnect between the messages I was crafting and the real world practices of the humans whom these words were supposed to be from. It’s one thing to speak the truth and it’s another thing to live into it.

On an industry level, I was noticing a trend of coaches trying to outsource their success while other coaches were approaching the growth of their professional practice with patience and a desire to stay connected to their people every step of the way.

I wanted to be a part of the latter group.

In an attempt to bring clarity to my decision to jump ship when it comes to writing and marketing for other coaches, I started to listen obsessively to the podcast How I Built This.

I needed to hear—from the source—how companies like Kickstarter, Lära Bar, Dry Bar, and Vice got started. Founders shared their stories and patterns started to emerge that spanned across every industry and business-building process.

Here are some of the patterns I noticed:

  1. The businesses made a clear and simple promise.

  2. Everyone started small with few resources and often little to no money.

  3. Creators worked the floor of their business for a long time and only gave it up when they absolutely had to.

  4. Everyone called in support to help them out with weak spots.

  5. If it was a toss-up between profit and quality, quality took priority.

Not only did these learnings reinforce my decision to focusing on building my coaching practice in a slow and sustainable way, they also pointed to the importance of staying connected to what makes a business tick.

When it comes to any business that’s about sharing ideas and changing how people see themselves and the world—like coaching—trust is built over time. And it’s built through the consistent delivery of content that’s from the person asking you to trust them.

Imagine how betrayed you’d feel if the person you look to for inspiration and motivation is paying someone else to write for them.

Words—or videos or graphics or art—need to come from the source.

So who is writing the words that inspire you?

Starting over.

Starting over.

Writing as medicine.

Writing as medicine.