Holistic integrity.

Holistic integrity.

Yesterday morning, I read this blog post.

Yesterday evening, I let go of one of my clients.

The client was great and the work was interesting.

And sticking with this client was out of integrity with me doing the specific and impactful work I want to do.

More importantly, it was out of integrity with me being able to show up differently in the new year.

My schedule in 2019 would have been maxed out.

Little time for self-care.

Little space for exploring my creative practice.

Little patience for anyone asking for my time.

This is not how I want to show up in 2019.

So, I let them go.

I used to think that doing good work was about how I showed up professionally.

I now know that it’s also about how I show up personally.

Being able to do this is both a privilege and a choice.

I have built enough professional relationships that I doubt I’ll ever lack work, so I am able to prioritize self-care.

At the same time, I am choosing to focus on nurturing the opportunities that allow me to work that will, make me a 10x contributor one day.

In the words of Seth Godin, “In order to make that forward leap, you need to trust yourself. To create space. To have the discipline to say no to distractions or even to projects that put you back into the 1x mode.”

Yes to that.

So, how are you practicing holistic integrity in the work that you do?

There's no secret.

There's no secret.

It's not about you.

It's not about you.