Include and transcend.

Include and transcend.

As an Integral Master Coach™, I help my clients include and transcend their current way of being.

Their current way of being that allowed them to get to where they are now.

Because, while they are transcending that way of being—and this can often be the major focus in coaching—they are also including it. The parts that are working get to stay.

And while the parts of their current way that aren’t working fall away, they are not totally forgotten or dismissed. We make time to appreciate those not-working parts. As painful, difficult, and dysfunctional as they might be.

They are also an essential part of this growth process.

And the measurable, sustainable, and impactful change that I facilitate in partnership with my clients is only possible because we allow space for all of them.

The new year has become a time when you’re given an abundance of permission to cut away—sometimes in extreme and inhuman ways—the parts of yourself that you have grown tired of. That you find ugly, undesirable, and heavy.

And while those things may very well be making it impossible for you to get out of your own way so you can do your best work, they can’t be thrown off altogether.

Any attempt to do so will only result in them creeping—or busting—their way back into your life again sooner or later.

The change you are seeking can only come about when you include and transcend all of you.

The purpose of life is not to be perfect. It’s to be present, to practice, and to be in the process of becoming.

Healing is not an absolute break from the trauma you’ve experienced. Wholeness has both smooth and rough edges.

Feeling complete as a human is not about overcoming every challenge or solving every problem. You are a custodian to your body and this planet and your work will never be done. So stop trying to clock out.

Instead, as you look towards this new year, take some time to look at the parts of yourself that you want to include and transcend.

It is only when I focused on being more able to skillfully process my anger that I was able to work through a disordered relationship with my body, get on top of my finances, and set the professional boundaries I need to do my best work.

The only way forward for me was to include and transcend my anger. When I did, all the things I had spent so many years fighting unsuccessfully to experience fell into my lap.

So for you, what is it that you need to include and transcend in order for this next year to be what you need it to be?

What’s possible when you allow space for all of you?

Start with full.

Start with full.

More time becoming.

More time becoming.