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Micro-goal setting.

Micro-goal setting.

Over the past few weeks, I have been looking back and looking ahead to help me figure out what I want to focus on in 2019. I have been making lists of what my previous learnings and hopes for the future allow for and close down.

Then, I have been comparing all my goals to see how they fit together and within the greater ecosystem of my life. More than I want everything to happen in 2019, I want what I intentionally set out to do to happen.

So, I’d rather let a goal go because it’s out of alignment with my current life setup or even another goal than try to jam it into my list of priorities. For example, I can’t work toward paying off my debt and buying a motorcycle next year. So I’ve parked the motorcycle goal for 2020.

And I’m not interested in the maco if I can’t place it into the micro of my day-to-day life.

Every goal that made it onto my list had to be something that I could work toward on a daily basis. At the very most, a weekly basis. I figured out if this was possible by scheduling everything into my calendar. I kept in mind what I know about myself and how long it takes me to get focused on something and how much time I need to not feel rushed.

My monthly commitments would then serve to support those daily and weekly goals. Not surprisingly, my monthly commitments all centre around staying healthy—regular massage, saunas, and craniosacral therapy—and staying inspired—regular creative and networking events.

That’s it. Hypothetically, at the end of next year, my yearly goals will have come to fruition.

I can’t guarantee that it will work and I’m willing to spend the next 12 months giving it a try. Because so much of finding our way in life comes down to a willingness to act on impulse and inspiration. We’re never going to have all the data we need to fully illuminate our way forward.

We must leap anyways.

Here are my daily, weekly, and monthly goals for 2019.


  1. I write my Morning Pages.

  2. I update my budget.

  3. I put a micro-payment towards my debt.

  4. I strength train in the morning.

  5. I write my daily blog post.

  6. I create my daily social media posts.

  7. I spend 60 minutes working on building out my business.

  8. I go for a walk in the middle of the day.

  9. I stretch at the end of the day.

  10. I read for 60 minutes before bed.


  1. I spend a day in a writer’s room working on my creative projects.

  2. I go to one social event.

  3. I go for one long walk or hike.

  4. I go to a dance class.

  5. I connect to one friend living elsewhere.


  1. I get a craniosacral therapy session.

  2. I do a sauna session.

  3. I get a massage.

  4. I go to a networking event.

  5. I add to/edit my wardrobe.

Looking at my goals altogether, I can see how so much of what I’m trying to do is fill myself up. And give myself a guide for the types of boundaries I need to set.

Of course, I still have my yearly goals. They are:

  1. I am debt free.

  2. I am a full-time writing coach.

  3. I am fully in my body.

  4. I have a creative project to share.

  5. I am fabulous.

And it’s my micro-goals that will get me there. The smallest possible things I can do on a regular basis to keep me feeling full, focused, and inspired.

So, what are your micro-goals for 2019?

Morning pages.

Morning pages.

Scheduled self-care.

Scheduled self-care.