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More specific.

More specific.

I’ve written before about the importance—and effectiveness—of focusing your efforts on serving a micro-community.

Seth Godin calls this your minimum viable audience.

Kevin Kelly, your 1,000 true fans.

What I am currently exploring as I build out my coaching business is how I can get even more specific with the change I am seeking to make.

Now specific can be scary. Because while it means refining your offer and sending a much clearer signal to the humans you want to help, it also means putting up clearer boundaries around who your work isn’t for.

It means saying no in the short term to work that’s not fully aligned with the change you’re trying to create so you can say yes to doing long-term work that is.

It means getting even more specific just when you think you’ve gotten specific enough.

Last year, I decided that the people I want to serve the most are writers. At the beginning of this year, I drew up a plan for a series of courses that would help them budget their money, clarify their voice, and market their services.

Yesterday, after a conversation with a good friend and peer of mine, I realized that I needed to get even more specific.

The people I want to serve are freelance writers whose financial instability is preventing them from getting out of their own way so they can do their best work.

Getting on top of my finances last year was a key piece in me being able to move forward in life professionally, personally, and creatively.

It was a specific type of change that got me the specific results I needed to get out of my own way and do my best work.

Here is a simple way of getting even more specific with who you want to serve:

  1. What specific group of people are you hoping to help?

  2. What specific pain point do these people have that you want to address?

Then go create work that speaks to those people and that particular pain point. Just the one.

If you’ve defined your people and the one pain point you want to help them with clearly enough, then that should be more than enough to keep you in business for years to come.

So who do you specifically want to serve?

Selling out.

Selling out.

How to brand yourself.

How to brand yourself.