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Music as anchor.

Music as anchor.

Weekly foundation practices help you get back into your body so you can source the wisdom and support that’s available to you there. They are designed to be easy to action and accessible to all bodies.

What music helps you to feel more connected to your body?

Practice: Music As Anchor

For 3-5 minutes a day, I want you to listen to music as a way to anchor yourself in your body. For this practice you need yourself and a device that plays music.

  • Pick a song—or two—that makes you feel good.

  • Press play.

  • In whatever ways feel good to you, let the music anchor you in your body.

  • You can dance, sway, or be still.

  • Notice when your head takes over and keep bringing yourself back to your blood and bones.

  • When the music—or you—stop, take a few breaths and notice how your body is feeling now physically and energetically.

  • Take that feeling with you as you move into the rest of your day.

Way In

Before starting this practice, take a deep inhale and check in with how your body is feeling physically and energetically. Exhale and begin the practice.

Work that is real.

Work that is real.

Doing as healing.

Doing as healing.