People like us.

People like us.

Despite having committed to not doing more courses this year while I pay off my debt and build my coaching business, I did allow myself the grace of signing up for Seth Godin’s The Marketing Seminar.

I also joined Room Project in Detroit, a writing/creative space for women and non-binary humans.

Something I have been longing for is an easier way of accessing people like me.

And now that I have a budget and don’t have to be working at all hours because I know what I'm doing with my money, I have time to seek out those people.

And the more clear I am on the people I want—and am able—to spend my time with, the more clear I am on the people I want to serve as well.

Today’s question from Seth Godin’s seminar is, “Who are you trying to change?”

What are the psychographics—as oppose to the demographics—of the humans you wish to help?

As an Integral Master Coach™, something I do when working with my clients is “look as” them. This is the subjective gaze.

It’s their worldview, beliefs, truths, and fears. Knowing this—combined with my ability to “look at” them, the objective gaze—is what allows me to meet them where they’re at and take them where they want to go.

Looking at the psychographics of, what Seth Godin calls “people like us,” is an exercise in looking as.

As someone who is interested in serving writers so they can get out of their own way and do their best work, here are some of the ways of being in the world that they—or maybe you—share.

I want to work with you as a writer if you:

  1. Have a gut feeling that you have something special to share that only you can offer.

  2. Have a desire to do work that is meaningful to you and that includes your unique perspectives and insights.

  3. Are afraid of getting to the end of your life having left no creative legacy behind.

  4. Are afraid of toiling away in obscurity and never having your work touch others at a scale that feels right to you.

  5. Are longing to share yourself through words so you feel seen clearly by the people who matter to you.

  6. Are seeking out belonging from those who understand you and welcome your creative way of showing up in the world.

  7. Are frustrated by the ways that you get in the way of you doing your best work and your inability to get out of the way.

  8. Are struggling to process your emotions—whether overwhelm or boredom or anger—in a way that will allow you to write what you need to get off your chest.

  9. Are hungry to create the financial stability you know you need in order to write in a way that is sustainable and pleasurable.

  10. Have a deep want to be able to make a living as a writer and feel like both what you’re creating and the money that you’re making is enough.

If you’re a writer, what else can you name when it comes to your way of being in the world and what it is you’re longing for?

And if you’re someone looking to be of service to others, who are you trying to change?



Dealing in connection.

Dealing in connection.