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Practice and poetry.

Practice and poetry.

As I focus on building my coaching business—as a blog coach and a money coach—one of the challenges I’ve been wrestling with is how to making coaching more accessible to the people I want to serve.

On the one hand, I want more than anything for writers and artists to have the tools and support they need to do their best work.

On the other hand, as a writer and artist I am not willing to stretch myself thin as a coach to the detriment of the creative work I want to do.

While I’ll be launching The Writer’s (Money) Workshop in the spring, I get that not everyone will be able to make it or even afford it. And while I’ve considered sliding scale pricing, this doesn’t feel like something that will be supportive for me or my clients long-term.

Money, it turns out, can create healthy tension that supports people—both client and coach—in showing up fully within the coaching relationship. I don’t want to fuck with this.

Instead, I’m going to get back to posting free Integral Coaching®️ practices on my blog. I’m also going to post poetry once a week as a reminder for all of us that the point of all this coaching and development work is that we get to go out there and make our art.

The practices will be written for anyone, although you can come up with Current Way and New Way metaphors for yourself to help you bring even greater nuance to the practice.

The poetry will be shared from other creators—as well as myself—with a focus on voices that are female-identifying, queer, POC, trans, disabled, and otherwise underrepresented.

Practices will be posted on Saturdays and poetry on Sundays.

I welcome any requests for practices that will help you with something you’re working on developing within yourself.

I also welcome any poetry submissions if you’re a writer or poet who would like to share your work and/or share the work of someone you think needs to be amplified.

Let’s start with coaching practices.

What abilities do you need to develop to do your best work?

Cheap self-care.

Cheap self-care.

Starting over.

Starting over.