Starting over.

Starting over.

Every creative practice is a series of new beginnings.

Whether you’re a writer or an artist or an entrepreneur. You’re always beginning again in one way or another.

You begin again when you sit down to write a new blog post. Every entry an opportunity to tell a new story or the same story in a different way.

You begin again when you finish one creative work and are starting or imagining the next piece. While you may have an idea of what it might be, it might be something you haven’t yet considered creating.

You begin again when you make small adjustments to your business. Each decision bringing you into greater alignment with the people you want to serve while what isn’t working falls away.

Starting over might mean a new beginning but it doesn’t mean starting from scratch.

At some point, you have enough experience and tools available to you that while the details of a project might not have worked out, they can still be used as a springboard for what’s next.

That matters more than it might feel like it does in the moment.

When I’m in a period of new beginnings, I surround myself in stories about people who have been where I am before. People who have figured out ways to make their ideas work.

Not only does this provide valuable lessons on making something from nothing, it also serves as a reminder that successful people are always starting over.

From their personal lives—one of the creators of Vice was a heroin addict before creating the magazine—to their professional ones—the same creators of Vice lost everything and had to rebuild the magazine from the ground up again.

It is in moments of starting over that I am reminded of the importance of storytelling as tool for bridging the gap when times are tough. I am also reminded that no one knows what they’re doing and the ones who make it where they want to go simply had the tenacity to keep going.

I also find it helpful to pinpoint exactly what’s different about every new beginning.

What was there that wasn’t before? Whether this is people or resources or just a bit more life experience.

What feels different about this fresh start? Are you clearer, calmer, more focused? Or maybe you’re just a little wiser as to how this process works.

What does this new beginning create space for? What can starting over allow for that wouldn’t be possible before it happened?

Starting over can feel raw and scary and even painful. And focusing on what’s different about this particular new beginning might give you the insight and encouragement you need to keep going.

So, what is different about this new beginning?

Practice and poetry.

Practice and poetry.

From the source.

From the source.