Stay bright.

Stay bright.

“Sloth, like rust, consumes faster than labor wears, while the used key is always bright.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Today I am 31.

And to ring in this birthday, I wrote a list of 31 ways I have learned to stay bright in the past year.

I have learned to:

  1. Work with urgency but not to rush.

  2. Be more patient with myself and others.

  3. Focus on the micro in service of the macro.

  4. Set clearer emotional boundaries.

  5. Listen to understand.

  6. Ask better questions to clarify.

  7. Do things differently to get different results.

  8. Appreciate my limits.

  9. Be more generous.

  10. Be a meaningful specific.

  11. Schedule in self-care.

  12. Pick myself.

  13. Start with full.

  14. Let go of stories that are no longer serving me.

  15. Let go of what I can’t control.

  16. Take tiny bites.

  17. Create clearer boundaries between work and life.

  18. Reach out to people to connect on a regular basis.

  19. Practice better business hygiene.

  20. Change how I measure success.

  21. Wait before replying to an email or message.

  22. Wait before saying yes or no to a commitment.

  23. Budget.

  24. Appreciate being nobody.

  25. Prioritize building out my own business.

  26. Invest time and money into a fabulous wardrobe.

  27. Let go of commitments that aren’t for me anymore.

  28. Process my anger.

  29. Keep a daily blog.

  30. Make time to work on creative projects.

  31. Get out of my own way so I can do my best work.

I credit all of these learnings to work I did while finishing up my Master-level accreditation at Integral Coaching Canada and to the glorious humans who have walked both short and long distances with me up until now.

Unlocking our potential is a collective act, not an isolated one.

Staying bright is as much about the work we do with others as it is about the work we do by ourselves.

Staying bright is more about process and persistence and than it is about perfection.

Staying bright is about starting from where you are and using what you have to do the best work that you’re capable of doing right now.

So, how are you staying bright?

Today, tomorrow, and in the future.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

The gift of limits.

The gift of limits.