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Stick around.

Stick around.

Something I love about the internet and social media is the way that they allow for real-time feedback on ideas.

We can build something relatively quickly and inexpensively, and then throw it out into the online world to see if it sticks.

This is also something I hate about the internet and social media.

In an attempt to figure out how to connect to others and pay our bills, we start to contribute to the growing noise that exists online.

A writer reached out to me recently to say that they have been following my contributions to a forum that we both belong to. They wanted to know how they can get out of their own way so they can finally write the book that’s been inside them for almost a decade.

This short note reminded me of something that I think many of us forget.

Building trust takes time so we need to stick around.

While there are what seems like an infinite number of people promising us quick-fixes and access to the next big thing, there are far fewer people showing up day in and day out promising that no matter what happens, they’ll be there.

They’ll keep doing their work and keep caring about being of service to you.

They’ll keep refining what they have to offer and keep listening to the people who matter to them.

These are the unicorns to watch out for. Or to become.

These are the people who will be able to help you do your best work because they are fully committed to doing their best work as well.

Which involves sticking around and building trust.

Something I have started to check for in the people I seek out for support is the consistency of their commitment to the work that they do. Even if their ideas change, I want to know that they’re not going anywhere.

Something I have started to check for in my own work is the consistency of the promises that I’m making and keeping. Even if no one responds to the work that I’m sharing right away, I want to know that it’s clear who my work is for and how it will help them.

Here’s the catch.

It’s nearly impossible to become one of these trusted unicorns if you’re in your own way. If your work is inconsistent and your ability to connect cannot be maintained over time.

You must first get out of your own way.

Then you can stick around and build the trust that you’re hungry for and that the people you seek to serve need as well.

So, how are you choosing to stick around?

How are you building trust with the people who matter to you?

How are you getting out of your own way so you can do your best work?

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