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Take up space.

Take up space.

Weekly foundation practices help you get back into your body so you can source the wisdom and support that’s available to you there. They are designed to be easy to action and accessible to all bodies.

What posture helps you take up space when you feel small?

Practice: Take Up Space

Throughout your day, when you feel small—because of something someone says or the environment that you’re in or because you need to put yourself out there in some way—I want you to take up more space with your body.

  • If you’re standing, step your feet out wide enough that you feel really stable.

  • If you’re sitting, move to the front of your chair and plant both feet on the ground.

  • Roll your shoulders down and back and draw your shoulder blades together so that your chest feels open.

  • Lengthen your spine upwards so that you’re standing or sitting a little taller.

  • Deepen your breath. Inhale and exhale through your nose in a way that’s slow and steady. Breathe all the way down to the base of your belly.

  • Take your time to respond to whatever is making you feel small. Whether that means pausing before you answer a question or moving slowly to respond to something external.

  • Keep taking up space in this way until you’re in a place where you can pause and reflect on your experience.

Way In

Before starting this practice, take a deep inhale until your belly, chest, back, and sides of your body are full of breath. Exhale and begin the practice.

Rightful place.

Rightful place.

Good discomfort.

Good discomfort.