The first pain point.

The first pain point.

Over the past few weeks, I have been working on building an online course for writers. It was originally going to be one of many courses that address various pain points that writers have.

Creating financial stability. Clarifying and amplifying their voice. Marketing themselves and their work.

Now, however, I’m focusing on only one pain point. The first one.

With the help of a friend and coaching peer—and the humans I’ve been exchanging ideas with on The Marketing Seminar—I’ve come to realize that what I offer as a coach can be that specific.

I can have the impact I want to have by simply focusing on helping writers get on top of their finances and shift their relationship to money.

More importantly, this isn’t simply a random choice from my list of options.

When it comes to the people I want to serve, creating financial stability is the first thing they need to do in order to get out of their own way so they can do their best work. It’s their first pain point and it affects all the other pain points that come after it.

Whether they want to rely on their writing for their sole source of income.

Or they simply need to create clearer boundaries between work time and writing time.

Or they need to take better care of their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Having their finances in order is essential in order for them to get around to doing the work that matters to them. It’s essential to them charging what they’re worth and being able to feed their creative genius consistently.

I know this because it wasn’t until I dealt with the important numbers in my life that I was able to sit down and start working on this daily blog—and my first book—with relative ease.

It wasn’t until I started budgeting that I knew how much I needed to charge for my work in order to pay off my debt in a defined amount of time, save for my future, and eventually transition to coaching and writing for myself full-time.

And it wasn’t until I changed my relationship to money that I could communicate my value with confidence to clients who were able to pay me what my experiences and skills and creativity are worth.

This may not be the case for all writers. And my human research has revealed that it is a common theme for many writers.

So, for the next year, I am going to build out two online courses that specifically help writers start to budget and change their financial landscape.

I’m going to do everything I can to fully and holistically heal that first pain point.

When you think of the people you want to serve, what’s their first pain point? Even if they’re not aware of it yet.

What’s the thing that will change how they’re able to show up when taking on future challenges?

What’s possible when you give all your attention and energy to meeting them there?

Impact and empathy.

Impact and empathy.

Stick around.

Stick around.