There's no secret.

There's no secret.

It’s no secret that success is due, in large part, to a certain combination of skills, privilege, and luck.

Nor is it a secret that as valuable as information is, personality, connections, health, physical features, name, financial access, geographical location, politics, and a limitless number of other things play into someone rising to the top.

Even in marketing, there are no secrets. There are just algorithms and human psychology colliding in ways that are measurable and reproducible.

There’s no secret to success.

Anyone who says otherwise is selling something.

Anyone who says otherwise is feeding the story we’re telling ourselves that something is lacking. And filling that void is the only way for us to move past suffering once and for all.

My issue with this is not that we’re making people aware that there might be a different way that will allow them to show up more fully in their life.

This could very well be an essential message that people need to receive.

My problem with telling people that you have a secret is the choice that you’re making to keep it a secret.

It’s the choice to put a price tag on something that will contribute to the liberation of others.

It’s the choice to make people believe that your success is separate from who you are as a human.

And, most frustratingly, it’s the choice to believe that this “secret” that you have is how you’ll be able to contribute value to the world.

One of the reasons that I started this practice of writing a daily blog post is because I want to share everything that I know and have learned with you. I want you to have it all and I want you to have it for free.

Because what’s valuable about the work that I do is not my ability to write well or execute more human marketing projects or even create deeply personal coaching programs and practices.

The value that I offer is my ability to show up and give a shit about the work that I do with you.

It’s the thing that’s inseparably linked to my time and attention.

The thing that, no matter how hard I try, can only be offered when we’re collaborating on a writing project or coaching program together in real time.

If there were any secret to success, that would be it.

Give away everything you have and that thing that’s left over, that’s what will allow you to be successful.

Everything you do can then be in service of you getting that work out into the world.

The work of contributing to the connection economy.

The work of being generous in as great a capacity as you can be.

The work of sharing yourself in the service of others.

So, what are you selling? And is it the thing that will allow you to work with holistic integrity?

Is it the thing that will make you successful because you’ve given away everything else?

Social media is a business.

Social media is a business.

Holistic integrity.

Holistic integrity.