Tiny victories.

Tiny victories.

Upon completing my Integral Master Coach™ certification through Integral Coaching Canada last month, I made a commitment to myself that for all of 2019 I would put into practice what I’ve spent the past two years learning.

Which means no more school.

No weekend workshops.

No conferences.

No sitting in on friend’s online courses.

Not even Seth Godin’s altMBA which I have wanted to participate in for years.

Nothing bigger than the teachings that come in the form of a book.

For the next 12 months, my sole focus is to celebrate every success that I experience. No matter how tiny. In fact, I especially want to celebrate the tiny ones.

In Integral Coaching®️, I work with clients to co-create practices that focus on a capability that will help them develop the larger muscles they want to have more access to.

For example, say we are working on you being more able to clearly communicate your boundaries. We might co-create a practice that helps you to stay grounded in your body when a trespass occurs. So you don’t have to get overwhelmed and disconnect from your corpus.

And then we’d co-create a practice to support you in being able to identify the specific issue you need to address in order to re-establish that particular boundary.

And so on until those collective smaller practices allow you to do the bigger action of being able to clearly communicate your boundaries.

Those tiny victories.

They matter.

And the more that I prioritize letting small shifts be the thing that I’m checking for, to know that I’m on the right track, the more big change seems to happen around me. With very little effort on my end.

So, looking toward 2019, I have decided to keep my eyes on the details. On how I am choosing to show up on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

Here are some things that I’ll be celebrating:

Writing my Morning Pages.

Budgeting daily as an act of self-care.

Exercising before work.

Writing my daily blog.

Giving myself the time I am most fresh and inspired to write.

Going for a walk at lunchtime to break up my workday and get back into my body.

Not taking on too much work at once.

Co-creating clear agreements with my clients that are both empathetic and professional.

Making time to read in the evening.

Monthly massages.

Monthly craniosacral therapy and sauna time.

Weekly visits to a writer’s room.

Time to socialize and nurture new relationships.

Time to go deeper into preexisting relationships.

Time to appreciate the tiny victories. Time to seek out the magic in the mundane. Time to be with what is, perhaps, barely noticeable on the outside and quite grand on the inside. Time to be.

Time to be.

Just be.

So, what tiny victories are you celebrating?

The benefits of being nobody.

The benefits of being nobody.

Social media is a business.

Social media is a business.