Uncomfortable positive change.

Uncomfortable positive change.

Something I needed to learn in order to get out of my own way and do my best work as a writer and as a coach is that “feelings aren’t facts.”

(This first came on my radar when reading about Type 4s in The Wisdom of the Enneagram.)

As someone who pings off my emotions to orient myself within this lived experience, this was a hard pill to swallow.

Feelings can be insightful, illuminating, and real. And they’re not always factual. Or, in other words, they’re not always an accurate gauge of what’s really going on.

This can be especially true when it comes to the positive change you’re trying to create in your life.

When you work with intention and awareness to include and transcend your current way of being so that you can embody a new way of being that’s more desirable, that shift might be uncomfortable.

Even though it’s good and what you want.

What’s more, it’s in these change places that your current way of being will start to push back the hardest in an attempt to regain the lost territory of your thoughts, actions, and emotions.

In this way, something that is good for you can feel bad.

And it doesn’t mean the change is bad.

Right before the new year, I decided to take five days off to rest and prepare myself for the next 12 months. My intention was to do what I needed to do to start from full.

The past three days have felt awful. Without my usual anchor of work, I have been anxious, moody, and irritable.

Still, I’ve gone through the motions of what I set out to do. I went to yoga, got a massage, took some long walks, and started reading for the pleasure of it again. I breathed through the moments of discomfort and when things became too overwhelming, allowed myself to take a nap.

Allowing for more space in my schedule is a new way move for me.

I know this and so I’m doing it.

Even though it doesn’t feel great right now. Because it’s still too new an experience.

So, as you look towards the year ahead and the goals big and small that you’ve set out to achieve, what are you checking for to know that the change you’re experiencing is positive?

Aside from how you feel in the moment.

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