We are all storytellers.

We are all storytellers.

When I set out to write a blog post a day, I was motivated by the desire to become more conscious of the stories I am telling.

Because we are all storytellers and the narratives we share matter.

The stories we tell can reinforce our beliefs or they can open us up to new possibilities.

They can allow us to find moments of clarity in the thick of chaos.

Or they can add to the already overwhelming onslaught of noise and information that leaves us breathless and numb.

The stories we tell matter.

In his book All Marketers Are Liars, Seth Godin writes, “The mistake is that we don’t go far enough.” He’s talking about marketing and, in his signature way, is pleading with the reader to tell better stories.

Stories that connect people and seek to serve not the masses but the dedicated few.

Stories that allow those who are underacknowledged to feel seen and valued.

Stories that change the culture of an industry or tradition instead of simply reacting to it.

We are all storytellers and, thus, we are all marketers.

Marketing being storytelling with a call to action. A request to respond. An invitation to go deeper.

Whether you’re posting some mundane part of your day on Instagram or asking your followers to check out your latest online offer, you’re marketing your story.

You’re asking people to care and connect and to see you, really see you.

The only difference between you and someone whose story is being heard is that they’re going far enough. Deep enough. Specific enough.

They’re consciously choosing the narrative that they’re sharing and they’re not holding back in their delivery of it.

That’s it. They’re no more remarkable than you. They’re simply telling their stories with greater purpose and commitment.

So, what stories are you telling?

And are you going far enough?

When the shoe no longer fits.

When the shoe no longer fits.

A blog post a day.

A blog post a day.