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What are you checking for?

What are you checking for?

As you move through your day, what are you checking for to know that you’re okay?

To know that it’s your turn?

To know that you’re loved?

To know that you belong?

Are you pinging off of your feelings? Other people? What’s happening or not happening? The systems and structures around you?

(All of these are valid reference points.)

What are you checking for?

Is it that your outer experience lines up with your inner experience? That your values and emotions are being reflected back at you in a way that’s affirming?

Or are you looking for approval from the humans in your life? Maybe specific people or people whom you have a certain type of relationship with?

Perhaps you’re orienting yourself in relationship to the actions being taken or not taken? The way that something—or someone—is moving through the world?

Maybe you’re checking for structure? That there’s order in how things are laid out?

Chances are, you’re checking for a combination of all of these things.

And the more aware you are of how it is you’re looking at something, the clearer you’ll be on what’s important to you. You may even discover that there’s space to shift or evolve how it is you’re looking at something.

Here are some things I’ve been checking for recently:

  1. How does my body feel about this? How is it responding to that comment/relationship/project? What sensations and emotions are present and what might they be trying to communicate with me?

  2. Has at least one person responded to my daily blog today? Did they share their experience with the topic I wrote about? Did they feel comfortable answering my invitation to engage?

  3. Is the work I’m doing moving forward in a way that’s bite-sized and sustainable? Do today’s tasks feel like they’re contributing to the bigger vision that I’m trying to bring to life? When I get off track, do I have ways of refocusing myself on what’s important?

  4. Am I respecting the boundaries that I’ve laid out for myself in my project work and calendar? Can I lean on my schedule to support me in finding a balance of work, play, self-care, and connection with others in my daily life?

I taught a masterclass this past weekend about where coaches need to start when they’re ready to build or uplevel their coaching business.

Something that I hoped got across to the students I was teaching is that what we are taught to check for—both as business owners and as humans—is often way off the mark.

More Instagram followers doesn’t mean you’re making bank. Makenna Held is a coach and peer of mine whose businesses are about to surpass $750,000 this year. She has less than 2,000 Instagram followers.

Dana Regan, founder and director of the Somatic Soul Coach™ School (and my good friend) makes business decisions with the help of her body. Because of this, she was able to sell out her Coach Certification Program earlier this year despite having to navigate an ongoing health crisis.

Kalah Hill, founder of the Pussy Consciousness Movement and a former coaching client of mine, is filling a need for female-identifying people who are looking for support around discovering more about their bodies and sexuality. She’s focusing on the micro-community that matters to her and changing lives as a result.

Finally, I am discovering that the more intentional structure I bring into my business—from contracts to recurring payments to deadlines to call time limits—the more I am able to care about my clients and the work that I’m doing for them. This is possible to me now thanks to the learnings I received from my time as a student at Integral Coaching Canada.

(In addition to checking for supportive structure, I’m also checking that, whenever possible, I shout out people whose work I believe in and who I know personally.)

What we check for matters.

And there’s no right way to check for what’s important to you.

What matters is that you’re clear for yourself about how you’re looking at something.

So, what are you checking for?

Online business hygiene.

Online business hygiene.

Micro-community in real life.

Micro-community in real life.