Write about money.

Write about money.

I’m teaching an online masterclass at the Somatic Soul Coach™ School today called, No, You Don’t Need a Photoshoot: Where to Begin When You’re Ready to Build (or Uplevel) Your Coaching Business.

The very first thing we’re going to talk about is money.

The rest of the class is about marketing and creating content that inspires action.

I’m holding the conversation that we’ll be having about money within the container of being able to consistently show up and create.



Coaching opportunities.

The premise is simple. When you have a budget—the ultimate money container—you will be able to get super clear on what you can pay for, what you need to charge for your work, and how you can grow your business.

You need a budget. (Really, you do. Also, that’s a link to the budgeting app that I use by the same name.)

The alternative is to not know what services you can invest in—such as hiring a writer to create content for you—and working harder and not smarter as you try to get your message out.

It’s to undercharge for your services and not be able to do your best work because you’re stretched thin serving too many clients.

Or it’s to overcharge for your services and miss out on putting your work into the hands of people whose lives will be transformed as a result and who can’t afford to invest in such a big—and unnecessary—price tag.

Finally, it’s to work in the stressful unknown that has you feeling like you’re living hand-to-mouth—even if you’re doing okay financially—and be prevented from thinking about how you can intentionally grow your business.

As much as I advocate for finding clarity in your words and marketing strategy, finding clarity in regards to what’s going on in your bank account is even more of a priority.

And, in the spirit of yesterday’s blog post, you can do this it bite-sized pieces.

Start by signing up for a budgeting app and just plugging in your data. Let yourself look at your financial reality with both eyes wide open.

(If you want a specific practice about budgeting as self-care, contact me and I’ll send you the one that I use daily to make budgeting more comfortable and sustainable.)

Or, take out a few pages of paper and write about how you’re currently in relationship to money. Do it stream-of-consciousness. Then, when you’ve run out of words, write about what you’d like your financial situation to be. (I did this in my Morning Pages today.)

Be sure to explore what this new financial reality would allow for.

Because money isn’t just about numbers. It’s about what those numbers allow you to do. It’s about the stories you’re able to share and the work you’re able to offer.

So, please, take some time to write about money.

Hire a coach if you need to.

Allow yourself to get in there and get curious.

We need you to share your work.

And you can’t do that in an impactful and sustainable way if you’re constantly being pulled off track because you don’t know where your next dollar is coming from or where it needs to go next.

P.S. Check out these darling piggy banks by Studio Ceramiz. I used an image from their site for this blog and in my daily Instagram collage so wanted to give them a shout out. I’m going to get one for myself as a gift when I pay off my debt next year. It’s already in my budget.

Time passes quickly.

Time passes quickly.

How to take tiny bites.

How to take tiny bites.