So, you need a money coach.


Maybe you think that you have to choose between writing and financial stability. Or perhaps you’re struggling to communicate the value of what you do. More than anything, you’d like to spend less time worrying about money and more time doing what you love.

As a writer, you’ve got a story to tell. Words are your medium and you’re here to make remarkable work. You know that the antidote to the suffering you see in our world is art.

At the same time, you have bills to pay.

Despite choosing the difficult task of shaping the chaotic experiences of being alive into something that can be read and felt by others, you still have to keep a roof over your head. You still have to pay off your debt and save for a rainy day if there’s anything left over.

That’s no easy task.

Nor is finding the holy time to write on top of going to work, being in love, feeding yourself, scheduling self-care, moving your body, grieving change, making something from nothing, making connections, resting, reflecting, and sleeping.

You are your own paradise and also your own island of one.

So, you need a money coach.

Someone who can meet you where you’re at; who can honour the unique constellation of how you are as a writer in a way that is deep. Specific. Tender. Another human to lean on; a guide who can illuminate what’s working with your money story, and offer you a way forward so that what’s no longer serving you can fall away.

Hi, I’m Rae and I am the money coach you’re looking for.

When you work with me, you’ll receive the support and tools you need to rewrite your money story so that you can create the financial stability you need to do your best work.

Here are some of the topics that I work with writers on. Maybe you are longing to be more able to...

  • Feel into your value and price your work accordingly so you can get paid more to do your best work.

  • Have difficult conversations about money so you can stay true to your worth.

  • Reconnect with your creative pulse when you’re stressed about finances so you can create new opportunities for yourself.

  • Incorporate budgeting into your writing practice so you can create financial stability on a variable income.

  • Process your emotions around money so you can put more energy into doing the work that matters to you.

  • Establish supportive boundaries between paid work and the personal writing you do regardless of the money so you can create time in your schedule for both.

  • Be able to work money-stress-free on your personal writing so you can get to sharing your best work as soon as possible.

What would be possible if you got support with rewriting your money story so you could focus less on numbers and more on the words that matter so much to you?

What would it feel like to know that you can consistently show up and create the work that you care about regardless of whether or not you’re getting paid to do it?

What would that allow for in your writing practice? What about your life?

As a coach, I only work with creatives.

You are my favourite kind of humans to work with. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing I played a small part in supporting you get your work into the hands and hearts of humans who will be touched by what you offered them.

I am also a writer.

When you work with me, I’ll guide you through a 4-month program that uses Integral Coaching™—a methodology used internationally by creatives—that will develop your ability to build a sustainable and supportive writing practice.

This simple and profound offer includes:

  1. A custom-designed program that takes into account who you are as a whole human and offers you a way forward so you can access the results that you’re hungry for.

  2. A comprehensive assessment of your current way of being so you can clearly see its strengths and how it’s holding you back.

  3. Developmental objectives that will outline the specific capabilities that you will be focusing on developing in your program so we can measure your progress as you move toward a new way of being.

  4. Bi-weekly focus practices specifically designed to help you interrupt your current way of being and develop your new way of being so you can access your full creative potential.

  5. Supplementary foundation practices that will build the body of your new way of being so you can ground yourself in the change process of your coaching program right down to your bones.

  6. Two 60-90 minute one-on-one coaching sessions per month where we will explore where you’re at, any edges you’re coming up against, tiny victories that you’re celebrating, and ways we can fine tune your coaching program in the moment.

  7. Ongoing support and check-ins between sessions to keep you accountable and in the process of becoming your full and remarkably creative self.

Four months is the perfect amount of time to be in the process of becoming your new way of being as a writer. It’s short enough that you can’t hold back on going after what you’re hungry for and long enough that you have time to integrate the growth that you’re experiencing.

Think about it.

Feel into it.

Ask around.

Make a list.

And if this feels like something you’d like to take one step closer to, please please get in touch.

We’ll start with hello.

I promise I’m here to support you in rewriting your money story. I only want to work with you if you want to work with me. I only coach creatives and that’s not going to change. All that will change is my availability. Maybe my prices.