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Coaching & Consulting

Creatives Make Money helps you leverage your talents and build creative assets—the things that give form and value to your work. I work with you to develop passive income streams, market yourself (in a not gross way), and share your ideas with the people who matter to you. I also offer high-quality, Integral Coaching™ as a way for you to develop your most valuable creative asset: yourself.


Online Education platform

Creatives Learn Money is an online education platform that helps creatives get into a healthier relationship with money. It includes classes—complete with short video lessons, workbooks, and puppets—and a community forum designed to keep the conversation going, provide students with additional resources, and support them in accessing the financial wellbeing they need to do their best work.



Creatives Talk Money is your weekly reminder that you’re not alone in figuring out money, your identity, and how to keep making the creative work our world so desperately needs. Join me as I talk to diverse, up-and-coming writers and artists in Detroit about the ways that money influences their work and lives while they navigate systemic oppression, capitalism, and the patriarchy.


puppets & stop motion

I make all my puppets, props, and stop motion animations by hand. I also do the voiceovers and video and sound editing for my creations. I use puppets in my work whenever possible because people will listen to puppets where they won’t always listen to other people. They are my favourite pedagogical tool.